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The typical feature of the medieval suburb find at Montone one among the most perfect demonstrations. It's introduced as a fortress marvellously strengthened by high, mighty and intact boundaries. Inside the boundaries, the urban centre is crop around Piazza Fortebraccio, from which depart holds streets and steep alleys that cross every corner of the country up to reach the most elevated and panoramic points from which vast and spellbound landscapes are enjoyed. Every stone is at its place, every building is intact and maintains that ancient medieval taste that is still possible to breath. But this aspect of enchantment and of suspended time doesn't have to make to think about an immovable suburb, without life, sets under a reliquary toward which to throw a look for then quickly passing to the next one. Nothing is more distant from the essence of Montone. In this marvellous frame are developed activity and demonstrations able to attract looks, approval and pleasure at international level. Just think about prestigious Umbria Film Festival, or to the multicultural garrison of the Ethnographic Museum Il Tamburo Parlante ("The Speaking Drum"). Besides these initiatives of niche, that have known how to also converse with the great public, the traditional local demonstrations cohabit, also them of great intensity and importance as the historical event of the " Donazione della Santa Spina ", the biennial exhibition " Rassegna dei Mastri Fabbri Forgiatori " and the " Festa del Bosco."

This wise mixes that doses modernity and tradition in the correct measure makes Montone an alive, vivacious and bright suburb, that has known how to go beyond the obstacle of the small dimensions and that immobilise that sometimes determines the maintenance reaching an elevated harmony between past and future. 
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Montone the proud of the club of the ''most beautiful Italian Suburbs'' - Beginning from 2003 the National Association Italian Communes has welcomed Montone in the exclusive club of the most beautiful Italian Suburbs, enacti... Montone_between_modernity_and_tradition_country_houses
Montone_between_modernity_and_tradition_hotels The multicultural garrison of Montone: ''Il Tamburo Parlante'' - Beginning from 1993, in another wing of the ex St. Francis Convent, it has centre the Ethnographic Museum Il Tamburo Parlante ("The Speaking Drum&qu... Montone_between_modernity_and_tradition_hotel
Montone_between_modernity_and_tradition_bed_and_breakfast Terry Gilliam, the cinema and Montone Umbria Film Festival - In the small Piazza Fortebraccio, soul of the suburb, every year thousand of meters of film flow projected on a giant screen giving life to the prestigious cinema r... Montone_between_modernity_and_tradition_handicraft
Montone_between_modernity_and_tradition_typical_products The sky above Coloti: the observatory of Montone - Just on to end of the last millennium, in the suburb of Coloti a very ambitious project has taken shape, the realisation of an Astronomic Observatory destine... Montone_between_modernity_and_tradition_maps
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