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Monteleone di Spoleto

The Spelt of Monteleone di Spoleto

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Monteleone di Spoleto
This area in the territory of Monteleone di Spoleto is particularly suitable for the cultivation of a kind of wheat which is quite typical for this zone, the spelt. It is the boundary zone between Umbria, Latium, Abruzzo and the Marches, which forms a real macro area where the specific agro-climatic conditions allow the spelt variety Triticum turgidum dicoccum to develop best its taste characteristics.

The spelt is a very ancient food, its cultivation dates back to about 9000 years ago and it is part of the Mediterranean diet of many peoples, in particular those in Apennine Central South Italy.

In the Valnerina and particularly at Monteleone the spelt is cultivated since ancient times, and it appears in its varied typologies (at least 18 have been pointed out in its variety ''dicocco''), arriving at very high quality levels today and so making Monteleone di Spoleto one of the most outstanding production zones of spelt.

Today the spelt of Monteleone is recognized as one of the most sought-after local products and it is very appreciated by gourmets and the friends of good food.
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The ''Biga'', from Monteleone di Spoleto to the New Yorker Metropolitan Museum - Near by Monteleone di Spoleto, in the locality Colle del Capitano, in 1902 was brought to light the famous ''Biga di Monteleone'', a find from the Etruscan p... The_Spelt_of_Monteleone_di_Spoleto_country_houses
The_Spelt_of_Monteleone_di_Spoleto_hotels The Convent of San Francesco at Monteleone di Spoleto - It is certainly the most important monument of Monteleone di Spoleto. The conventual complex was found in 1280, to be integrated and restored later to adapt it to n... The_Spelt_of_Monteleone_di_Spoleto_hotel
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