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Monteleone di Spoleto

The Convent of San Francesco at Monteleone di Spoleto

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Monteleone di Spoleto
It is certainly the most important monument of Monteleone di Spoleto. The conventual complex was found in 1280, to be integrated and restored later to adapt it to new needs as well as to restore parts damaged through several earthquakes.

The fašade is embellished by a beautiful ogival portal with lively relieves which are inspired by naturalistic motifs with animals, human figures and angels.

The massive and mighty outward appearance makes the convent similar to a fortress, an impression intensified by the impressive buttresses on its right side.

The interior shows a church with an aisle with walls, that have been frescoed with works from the 14th century, among those the portrayals of ''St George'', ''St Katherine from Alessandria'', ''Mary Magdalena'' and a ''Crucifixion''.

Another point of interest is the carved wooden Crucifix from the 15th century above the high altar which is richly decorated, too, with marbles from the 17th century.

From a side entrance one enters the cloister which once was covered with vaults, but now is protected by a sloping roofing. The walls are frescoed with works in lunettes from the 18th century, that portray the ''Stories of Saint Francis''.

In the lower church inside the choir one can admire beautiful frescoes with scenes of the live of Saint Francis, which are an interesting evidence of the Umbrian painting from the 15th century, although they have gone through many restorations.
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