Last minute Montefranco: archeo-trekking on Mount Moro


Montefranco: archeo-trekking on Mount Moro

Discovering Umbria

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Of particular historical and archaeological interest they are the excavations recently effected near the peak of Mount Moro, where the Archaeological Superintendence for Umbria has started a series of excavations to bring to the light a patrimony of findings in a place that in remote times had a notable role of territory control. They have emerged so two paved environments belonging to a Roman building of the republican period, but also figurines and traces of a place of cult of Umbrian epoch, dated V-IV century B.C., flattened for making space to the Roman construction.

The archaeological site of Mount Moro is a destination of suggestive excursions organized by the CAI (the Italian Alpine Club), of various duration, to arrive up to a maximum of three days, during which the most fascinating and interesting parts of the Nera Park are crossed, starting from Ferentillo and its mummies, the Marmores Waterfalls and the site of Mount Moro, only to mention some of them. The guides of the CAI are at disposition of whoever wants to venture along the magnificent Valley of the Nera and to discover the beauty of its peaks, long paths loaded of art, history and natural shows. Such excursions are periodically organized, and who want further information can directly turn to the section of the CAI of Terni.  
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Montefranco: a suburb on the Nera - Montefranco is a picturesque suburb that preserves largely its medieval urban structure, visible especially in the two main doors that regulated the influx in the city cen... Montefranco_archeo_trekking_on_Mount_Moro_country_houses
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