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The frescos of Montefalco

The anonymous Umbrian and the Histories of Santa Chiara
The factory of Assisi and the process of constant embellishment that the Basilica during the 1300 required and determined in Umbria the converting and developing of artists and maestro that drawn enormous benefit of it. The example of Assisi, Giotto's presence, of his school and of his students, of the great teachers Martini and Lorenzetti, during the 1300 have produced the diffusion and the development of the Umbrian painting. In the last decades the historians of art have tried to put in relief such aspect and to underline the connections that directly linked the activity of the numerous anonymous authors, basing on Giotto's and Assisi example, were formed disseminating then the territory of their works. On this background it places the fresco of the Histories of Santa Chiara, visible in the Chapel of Santa Croce, inside the Santa Chiara Church. The fresco is considered among the most elevated and original results in the Umbrian school of the first halves Three hundred, work of an anonymous certainly formed him in the yard of Assisi, to the shade of Giotto, the teacher of teachers.
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