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TERRE DEL SAGRANTINO: UMBRIAN  WINES AND TYPICAL PRODUCTS _2 Festivity - Frantoi aperti 05 - From 5 to 6 november: The mills are open for tasting the extra-virgin olive oil and watching all the production process... Frantoi aperti 05_3
Frantoi aperti 05_4 Festivity - Honeymoon in Montefalco - The most beautiful day of your life must be organised in every detail.
... Honeymoon in Montefalco_5
May: Open Wineries
The doors of the wineries are opened, where the Sagrantino di Montefalco rests and the winegrowers meet the consumers in the places where the wine obtains its unique taste.
Other events in the town of Montefalco
April: The Land of the Sagrantino - In the Easter period the exhibition market for the local products of the Sagrantino Street, the Mostra Mercato dei Prodotti Tipici della Strada del Sagrantino, where all communes that produce the Sagrantino di Montefalco participate.
Events_Montefalco_country_houses April: V.I.P. - The event Vino In Piazza (wine on the squares) consists of an exposition and sampling on the square piazza del Comune of Montefalco of the most precious wines obtained by national autochthonous species of vine. From every participant is asked a charge for the participation, and one gets the possibility to taste precious wines and the competent comments of the staff.
Events_Montefalco_hotels April-Octtober: Walk of the Tastes - On the Sagrantino land are organized guided visits to the wineries and the hills where the prince vine of Montefalco is cultivated, accompanied by samplings of the local products.
Events_Montefalco_hotel July-August: Festival of the Strangozzo - During this event, one can taste the famous strangozzi, which are seasoned with truffles or with the classical goose sauce, combined with the best local wines.
Events_Montefalco_bed_and_breakfast August: The Flight of the Ox - In ancient times at Montefalco, an ox was teased and driven to run down the narrow streets of the town – like at a kind of small Pamplona - and the participants were ready to run away when it passed. Today the event is less cruel and recalling the ancient game, it consists in a relay race, which is preceded by a historical procession and flag-wavers. Everything happens in full respect of the medieval tradition, where also the inns opened for this occasion have their legitimate place.
Events_Montefalco_handicraft September: Harvest - Celebration of the grape-harvest in the streets of the town accompanied by sounds of music that enter even the wineries.
Events_Montefalco_typical_products September: Excellentia, Città e Vini da Meditazione - Biennial event, which is organized by the Italian Sommelier Association of Umbria, where one can taste and even “meditate” the best sweet wines.
Events_Montefalco_maps November: Opened Oil-mills - This time the doors of the oil-presses and mills are opened in order to be able to experience from near the productive cycle of another precious good of Montefalco, the oil. Guided visits take place and samplings of the oils and of the main local products.
Events_Montefalco_how_to_reach December: Going to oil-mills and local street markets - The new oil can be tasted between stalls with food-and-wine products and those from the local artisanship.
Events_Montefalco_church December: Merry goblets - An occasion where one can taste the excellent Italian raisin wines, that come from different regions, accompanied by local dishes from their places of origin. The event is organized by the National Centre for Raisin Wines Centro Nazionale Vini Passiti at Montefalco.
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