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The Sagrantino is an autochtonous vine, this means cultivated in the places in which is still present, and not recently imported by foreign countries. Its origin is uncertain and some hypotheses are fanciful indeed. According to the most accredited reconstruction, it would have been imported by the Franciscan monks returning from Spain, already very appreciated since then. It's known that it was used both as drink to be offered to the most illustrious guests, both in the administration of the sacraments, as also the name would allow to suppose.

It gained the qualification of wine at Denomination of Checked and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG) in 1992. The disciplinary foresees that the zone of production includes in full the commune of Montefalco and part of the communes of Bevagna, Castel Ritaldi, Giano dell'Umbria and Gualdo Cattaneo.

The denomination with which can be commercialised is Sagrantino of Montefalco or Montefalco Sagrantino, and it exists in two typologies, '' dry '' and '' passito ''.
The Passito
The Sagrantino of Montefalco Passito is obtained selecting the clusters and letting them fade above special wood hurdles for about two months. The grapes, from the particular resistance, don't decay, and they nearly maintain unchanged their sugar degree.

It has a colour red intense ruby, almost dark and impenetrable, like the purplish one or the pomegranate, if allowed to rest in the wine cellar. The perfumes that it emits become more and more complexes thanks to the refinement, but they maintain a dominant note in the blackberry of bramble.

The result is a grandiose wine '' for meditation '', good to drink in company without the necessity to combine any type of food. In any case the classical approaches foresee the dry confectionery, base tarts of blackberries or other red fruit. If particularly aged it is excellent also accompanied by spicy and seasoned pecorino.
The Dry one
The Sagrantino of Montefalco Dry, is obtained verifying the grapes Sagrantino's purity, as it also happens for the passito. The minimum alcoholic gradation has to be of 13° and before selling it has to suffer a process of ageing of at least 30 months, twelve of which in wood strokes. It derives of it a wine of big body, warm and from the intense perfume of blackberry of bramble, from the colour very intense red ruby. It's combined with typical local structured dishes, to the dishes with truffle, to the game, but also with hard pasta cheeses.
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