Last minute Montefalco: the suburb of the ''Good and Nice''


Montefalco: the suburb of the ''Good and Nice''

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Montefalco is not only '' to drink '', although the fame of the Sagrantino darkens the whole rest. But even if removing from its the panorama all the bottles, the barrels and the grapevines of Montefalco, probably most of its charm would remain unchanged. Also Montefalco belongs to the club of the most beautiful Italian Suburbs, the association that gathers that places that the Middle Ages has delivered us to admire.

The today's name is due to the presence of the emperor Federico II di Svevia, and to its passion for the falcons, while the urban structure is dominated by an anxiety of perfection. The central square is risen as a highland on the tallest point in the city, from which radially depart the streets and roads that conduct to every corner of the city. On the piazza del Comune is found the Palazzo Comunale, of the XIII century, then the Palazzo de Cuppis, and then still buildings, churches and medieval structures shed in the rest of Montefalco.  
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Montefalco to drink - There are places where the nature combines its elements in such way to show what has to offer as compensation for the job of the man. In Montefalco the water, the a... Montefalco_the_suburb_of_the_Good_and_Nice_country_houses
Montefalco_the_suburb_of_the_Good_and_Nice_hotels What the Sagrantino of Montefalco is - The Sagrantino is an autochtonous vine, this means cultivated in the places in which is still present, and not recently imported by foreign countries. Its origin is... Montefalco_the_suburb_of_the_Good_and_Nice_hotel
Montefalco_the_suburb_of_the_Good_and_Nice_bed_and_breakfast In Montefalco was born the National Center of Passito Wines - It was born in 2002 at Montefalco the National Center of Passito Wines, with the purpose to catalogue, to describe and to spread the culture of the passito wines in ... Montefalco_the_suburb_of_the_Good_and_Nice_handicraft
Montefalco_the_suburb_of_the_Good_and_Nice_typical_products The Road of Sagrantino of Montefalco - Beginning from 2000 the manufacturing communes of the Sagrantino of Montefalco are collected in a oenological and gastronomic circuit, historical and artistic with ... Montefalco_the_suburb_of_the_Good_and_Nice_maps
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