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The Umbrian-Etruscan Necropolis of Montecchio

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Discovery around 1970 near the Tiber, behind the farm Copio, the necropolis of Montecchio testifies the presence of a vast Etruscan installation that should have populated the zone, thanks to its proximity with the important centre of Orvieto and to the possibility to use the river as opportunity of commerce.

Very probably the Etruscan necropolis rose above the rests of a precedent Umbrian installation, to be abandoned toward the IV century B.C., date over which the dating of the related recovered finds don't go further. Rings, swords, earthenwares and the bucchero, the typical Etruscan ceramic, constitute only some of the objects found in the site and that today are visible near the Antiquarium Comunale of Tenaglie. The graves apogees constitute the fulcrum of the open-air museum itinerary, a tour that unties, through paths of around two kilometres, an area of remarkable naturalistic and environmental interest, where to explanatory charts are alternated areas of standstill equipped for brief standstills and picnic.
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Montecchio and the Necropolis of Copio - The city of Montecchio firmly preserves a medieval plant, developed beginning from the XI-XII century, when every installation on the Italian ground destroyed from ... The_Umbrian_Etruscan_Necropolis_of_Montecchio_country_houses
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