Lake Trasimeno historical itineraries

Lake Trasimeno historical itineraries

Territory of Lago Trasimeno

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Territory of Lago Trasimeno
Lake Trasimeno historical itineraries

If you prefer historical tours you can turn back into the past and take part to the second Punic war finding yourself at Hannibal's side playing against the Roman legions, or choose to valiantly withstand the hits of the army of the Carthaginian general under the commander Caio FlavioNipote. We are in the 217 B.C. but on the lake the time is a concept to invent, and every year the "defeat at lake Trasimeno" relives on its shores. Otherwise you can visit one by one all the castles surrounding the lake finding yourself in a full medieval epoch, with boundaries, towers, portals, fortifications and to trying to imagine what battle anxiety must have taken possession of the young Ascanio della Corgna, who neither the calm of the lake couldn’t appease.
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Lake Trasimeno, the ''mirror of Umbria'' - The green Umbria reflects all its beauty in the blue mirror of the lake Trasimeno, a spellbound surface beyond which all its treasures can glimpse... Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_culture
Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_country_houses Landscape itineraries, the nature and the environment of the lake Trasimeno - The great attention reserved to the environment has preserved the whole territory from the corruption, from the carelessness of the man and from the ravages of ... Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_hotels
Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_hotel Lake Trasimeno, a Patrimony of the Humanity - From 7th February 2006 the lake Trasimeno has officially joined the world association Living Lakes, an unlimited net that protects and guards ... Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_bed_and_breakfast
Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_handicraft Artistic itineraries of the lake Trasimeno - For the founds of art we suggest a minute recognitions made room by room, aisle by aisle, in the main buildings and churches guardian of the lake and its Renais... Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_typical_products
Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_maps Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of lake Trasimeno - To the gourmets and to who doesn't neglect the pleasures of the table we advise to stop in the many typical restaurants, which have refined during the time thei... Lake_Trasimeno_historical_itineraries_how_to_reach
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