Artistic itineraries of the lake Trasimeno

Artistic itineraries of the lake Trasimeno

Territory of Lago Trasimeno

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Territory of Lago Trasimeno
Artistic itineraries of the lake Trasimeno

For the founds of art we suggest a minute recognitions made room by room, aisle by aisle, in the main buildings and churches guardian of the lake and its Renaissance pearls. First comes the Perugino with his various frescos in Città della Pieve, the city that saw him born and grew him when he still was called Pietro Vannucci. But you can’t say to have seen the Perugino if you haven’t seen " Martyrdom of St. Sebastian ", preserved in Panicale. Close to the lake worked also the Pomarancio, at that time called Niccolò Circignani, and above all in Palazzo dellaCorgna to the court of Ascanio, lord of Castiglione del Lago. Following his traces we return to Città della Pieve, where we find another his fresco. Always in Città della Pieve we find a building of Lorenzo and Ambrogio Maitani, the Rocca, Tuscans architects authors of the façade of the Cathedral in Orvieto. Continuing with another famous Umbrian architect Galeazzo Alessi, active between Castiglione del Lago and Città della Pieve. Last, but not least, we signal the futurist painter of Perugia Gerardo Dottori, whose works can be admired in Magione, and in Tuoro.
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