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グッビオ Sporting  ホテル グッビオ "Sporting" ホテル

Via Bottagnone 06024 - Gubbio, PG - ITALY
グッビオ Sporting  ホテル A perfect blend of ancient flavours and modern comforts. From tourist in search of art treasures to demanding conventioners: Sporting hotel has the right solution to satisfy the needs of each and every guest, combining the genuine, traditional cooking of Umbria...
グッビオ La Locanda del Duca  ホテル La Locanda del Duca グッビオ ホテル

Via Piccardi n 1 - 06024 - Gubbio, PG - ITALY
グッビオ La Locanda del Duca  ホテル The antique walls of gubbio reveals the history of the umbrian population: the first to establish the italian peninsula, that thanks to its cuisine, antique findiding describe our origins. Gubbio is still umblemished in its traditions...
電話番号 (+39) 075/9277753
グッビオ La Rocca  ホテル La Rocca グッビオ ホテル

Loc. Monte Ingino - 06024 - Gubbio, PG - ITALY
グッビオ La Rocca  ホテル Situated near the Basilica of S.Ubaldo, the Hotel La Rocca, which is newly restored, is on the top of Mount Ingino above the medieval town of Gubbio. It can be reached by car or cablecar and is quiet and relaxing surrounded by pine-trees...
電話番号 (+39) 075/9221222 :: ファックス番号 (+39) 075/9221222
グッビオ Candeleto  ホテル Candeleto グッビオ ホテル

Via delle Querce ?ELoc. Candeleto - Gubbio, PG - ITALY
グッビオ Candeleto  ホテル The Hotel is situated at 600 m. and immersed in a splendid secular pine-wood. It is composed of large sitting-rooms, a TV room, a Bar and is surrounded by large glass doors which give exit to immense panoramic terraces. The Hotel has...
電話番号 (+39) 075/9460083 :: ファックス番号 (+39) 075/9460083
グッビオ Park Hotel ai Cappuccini  ホテル Park Hotel ai Cappuccini グッビオ ホテル

Via Tifernate - 06024 - Gubbio, PG - ITALY
グッビオ Park Hotel ai Cappuccini  ホテル The Park Hotel ai Cappuccini is a 17th century monastery that has been cleverly restored. This marvellous building and the religious communities that lived here since the monastery was built appertain to the history of Gubbio which is in the heart of Umbria, a bright jewel immersed in the green?E/div>
電話番号 (+39) 075 9234 :: ファックス番号 (+39) 075 9220323 :: 携帯電話 (+39)
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