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Festivity - Altro Cioccolatto di Gubbio - Kermesse from 16 october to 19 october in the city of Gubbio... Altro Cioccolatto di Gubbio_1
Altro Cioccolatto di Gubbio_2 Festivity - Gubbio 7th December - The biggest Christmas tree in the world: decorative illumination of Mount Ingino.... Gubbio 7th December_3
Gubbio 7th December_4 Festivity - Gubbio 28th October 2nd November - Fair of the white truffle and agroindustrial products.... Gubbio 28th October 2nd November_5
Gubbio 28th October 2nd November_6 Festivity - INAUGURAZIONE MOSTRA FOLCLORE EUGUBINO - Sarà inaugurata sabato 29 ottobre alle ore 17 presso le Sale inferiori di Palazzo Pretorio la mostra di Emanuele Ventann... INAUGURAZIONE MOSTRA FOLCLORE EUGUBINO_7
May: Corsa dei Ceri
It is the most enthralling event in the region, not only at Gubbio. It takes a whole year to prepare the edition, where every single inhabitant is involved from the organizational point of view as well as the emotional one. The entire community identifies itself with this festival, that is dedicated to the three saints whose images are put on the top of the tall wax candles, the Ceri, that are Sant'Ubaldo, San Giorgio and Sant'Antonio.
The proper event begins in the morning of the 15th May with the "alzata", the raising of the candles, and terminates in the Basilica di Sant'Ubaldo with the entrance of the Ceri into the church when their race is finished.
Other events in the town of Gubbio
May: Palio of the Crossbow - A very important and unquestionably fascinating event is the challenge that since the 15th century involves the crossbowmen from Gubbio and Sansepolcro, who compete every year at the Palio whizzing the arrows on the magnificent medival background of the Piazza Grande. It takes place on the last Sunday of the month. This event, too, is connected with the cult of Sant’Ubaldo.
Events_Gubbio_country_houses July: Gubbio Festival - Classic music festival.
Events_Gubbio_hotels July-August: Classical Performances at the Teatro Romano - Every year from July to August, the Teatro Romano offers its charming frame for classical theatre performances.
Events_Gubbio_hotel August: No Borders Summer Festival - Jazz music festival, which gives hospitality to the best Italian and international jazz musicians, alternating music spectacles with film exhibitions, a biting satire for an artistic event without borders.
Events_Gubbio_bed_and_breakfast August: Tournament of the Quarters - An enthralling medieval challenge between the quarters of Gubbio, which takes place in the night of the feast of the Assumption in a charming frame with coloured costumes and torches.
Events_Gubbio_handicraft October-November: National Exhibition Market of the White Truffle and Agroindustrial Products - The event is organized by the consortium of communes in the mountain area Comunità Montana dell’Alto Chiascio and obtains great success being the main window through which one can admire the beauty and the deliciousness of the tuber magnatum, the precious and rare white truffle. It takes on the square Piazza Oderisi from the end of October until the first days of November, when the set out stalls house every kind of local specialities, like cheese, salami and cold pork meats, honey and mushrooms as well as the products of the local craftsmanship.
Events_Gubbio_typical_products December: The Christmas Tree - Yearly charming Christmas event on the Mount Ingino, where 12 kilometres of cable and more than 450 coloured lights make up the biggest Christmas tree in the world. Stretched out on the whole side of the mountain, which raises above Gubbio, it offers its view also from a distance of many kilometres. The base of the tree is almost as large as the entire town of Gubbio, included the outskirts, while the top with its enormous and extremely bright comet on the Basilica di Sant’Ubaldo ends on the top of the mount Ingino.
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