Last minute Cima Mutali, one "gust" of energy for Fossato di Vico

Fossato di Vico

Cima Mutali, one "gust" of energy for Fossato di Vico

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Fossato di Vico
In the commune of Fossato di Vico, in Cima Mutali has been realised a Aeolian Plant for the production of electric energy, composed by two aerogenerators and a Aeolian Studies Center, where are made studies and searches for the clean energy. These notorious eoliches shovels create conflicting reactions anywhere are threatened to positioning them. Are these bless sources of renewable energy, or accursed spoiled-panorama calamity? This the dilemma. They should improve the quality of our life, to make it some less dependent from the oil and from the coal, but in reality they instigate endless polemics dividing even the most tireless friends of the nature. The producers of energy want them, but they don't perhaps believe in them, the environmentalists would like them but in another part. They are the new eco-monster, ugly but profits, anxious in the form, but good in the substance. Perhaps one day they will belong to our landscape, or maybe not. In the meantime in Fossato di Vico the shovels keep turning on and on, waiting that the polemics go away with the time. Or the wind.
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In Fossato di Vico the ''wrinkles'' that never make look older - Every suburb possesses its own charm and Fossato di Vico doesn't make exception. In this small centre an ancient medieval air can be breathed, since everything has ... Cima_Mutali_one_"gust"_of_energy_for_Fossato_di
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  • Cima_Mutali_one_"gust"_of_energy_for_Fossato_di
  • Cima_Mutali_one_"gust"_of_energy_for_Fossato_di
  • Cima_Mutali_one_"gust"_of_energy_for_Fossato_di

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