Itineraries of the landscape in the territory of Foligno

Itineraries of the landscape in the territory of Foligno

Territory of Folignate


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Territory of Folignate
Itineraries of the landscape in the territory of Foligno

In the zones of production of the Sagrantino it’s very strong the identification with this marvellous oenological reality, to such a point that the manufacturing communes are united in one itinerary, '' The Sagrantinowine road ''. This itinerary doesn't limit to show only the hills and the vineyards from which wine is drawn, but it conducts toward the discovery of the history, the culture and the local traditions, the panorama and background landscapes. To know the places, to live them and to appreciate its artistic and landscape beauties is considered an important moment difficult to renounce. The itinerary foresees a circuit of medieval fortitudes and Romanesque churches along the cities of Bevagna, GualdoCattaneo and Montefalco, besides Giano dell’Umbria and Castel Ritaldi, other two communes in which the Sagrantino is produced.
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Territory of Foligno, in the heart of Umbria and in the centre of the world - Some among the most beautiful Umbrian communes are contained in this portion of territory, close each other, in an itinerary that won't leave disappointed even ... Itineraries_of_the_landscape_in_the_territory_of_Foligno_culture
Itineraries_of_the_landscape_in_the_territory_of_Foligno_country_houses Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Foligno - The Sagrantino of Montefalco is a stately wine, prince of the table and the taste. Its cultivation has ancient roots and its ownerships are the result of... Itineraries_of_the_landscape_in_the_territory_of_Foligno_hotels
Itineraries_of_the_landscape_in_the_territory_of_Foligno_hotel Historical-artistic itineraries in the territory of Foligno  - In the district of Foligno there’s an elevated concentration of territories to visit, none of them can be discarded. Just think about the nine Umbrian sub... Itineraries_of_the_landscape_in_the_territory_of_Foligno_bed_and_breakfast
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