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The Mummies of Ferentillo

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In the crypt of the Parish Church of Santo Stefano is possible to admire a phenomenon worthy of the maximum attention for the rarity with which is verified. It's about a conspicuous number of bodies mummified entirely with a natural procedure, probably due to the unusual environmental conditions and the concomitance of various factors intervened that have allowed its maintenance. The researchers involved in explaining the fact have not come to a definitive solution, but they seem rather in agreement in affirming that among the causes that have contributed to the mummification, there is the chemical composition of the ground, favourable physics and environmental conditions, and the presence of particular vegetable micro-organisms, which with their action would have favoured the process of maintenance.

The crypt, now a Museum, perfectly entertains preserved bodies, of which is possible to observe lines of the physiognomy, particular anatomical, suits and other details related to their life and to their death. 
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