Territory of Eugubino

Territory of Eugubino

Territory of Eugubino


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Not only Middle Ages
The wealth of a territory consists in the quantity of histories that is able to tell to the visitor, and in this case the district of Gubbio is not second to anybody. It’s an open book, and its pages are all to skim through, to read and to reread, with the wish not to skip even a line.

Historical itineraries in the territory of Gubbio

Gubbio has been defined "the most beautiful medieval city", and even if classifications are often an ephemeral tool, the title certainly does not appear usurped. This is already evidently shown at first sight to its panorama. It’s all a blooming of embattled, imposing and stately buildings, custodians of the history and the traditions of a people. The medieval architecture has given its best in Gubbio, pursuing ambitious projects of greatness and realizing the splendid Hanging Square with the Palazzo dei Consoli and the Palazzo Pretorio. But the history of Gubbio doesn't resolve all in the Middle Ages, at the opposite, sinks its own roots in a distant past narrated us by the precious Eugubine Tables; these famous bronzy plates with writings in Latin, Etruscan and ancient Umbrian languages, described ways, times and liturgies of ancient rites and ceremonials. Gubbio was an important city also in the period of the Roman empire, as testifies the fact that in the III century B.C. it was the first Umbrian city to form an alliance with Rome. So outside the boundaries, we find the Roman Theatre, perhaps built in the first century B.C., a place of relaxation today still used for this purpose. In the summer time, in the frame of the amphitheatre, there are also representations and concerts.

Time and people have left the signs of their passage not only in Gubbio. The Middle Ages influenced also Fossato di Vico, where is present a rare example of road architecture, the "wrinkles", low little streets with coverage, once used as defensive tool. It’s important to mention the hermitages of Scheggia and Pascelupo, the ones of Sitria, of San Girolamo and of Sant'Emiliano, which risen around the year 1000 and immersed in an uncontaminated nature, are a true mystical medium toward the absolute.
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