Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Gubbio 

Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Gubbio 

Territory of Eugubino

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Territory of Eugubino
Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Gubbio 

The Northeast of Umbria has reserved to the lovers of the nature an immense protected environmental patrimony circumscribed by the MountCucco Regional Park. The paladins of the Park are the communes of Costacciaro, Fossato di Vico, Scheggia and Pascelupo, Sigillo. Numerous are the opportunities opening to the tourist who search every kind of emotion that nature can offer. The panoramic courses show marvellous landscapes at every footstep, revealing itineraries woven with ancient streets of communications as the console Via Flaminia and the spiritual Franciscan Path of Peace. The Park flourishes thanks also to the low intensity of the resident population, which has developed an economic system in respect of the natural ecosystem of this area. So it is not rare to see a sample of the bashful wolf, the royal eagle, the hawk or a fawn and many other representatives of the local fauna. There are lot of sporting activities that can be done, as the Free Flight, a discipline that meets the highlands of the natural spring board of Mount Cucco, and in the Free FlightCentre Villa Scirca at Sigillo, an essential complement to do such activity.

But the true essence of the Park of Mount Cucco consists in the charm and in suggestion of its fabulous underground world, made by a long tangle of caves and Karst hollow, is destination of frequent "pilgrimages" from all its fans. The scenery that opens in front of the natural theatres of the Mount Cucco depths, awakes continuous amazement, and subsoil rooms following each other reveal beauties built in the centuries and millenniums contained there for a long time. The most part of the underground itineraries require to the visitor a minimum of experience and familiarity with the most elementary principles of spelaeology, but exist also accessible runs, easy even for the neophytes. The Speleological School of Costacciaro gives a notable support, and the lovers of the hypogeal world can satisfy their curiosity.
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