Itineraries of the handicraft and the gastronomy in the territory of Gubbio

Itineraries of the handicraft and the gastronomy in the territory of Gubbio

Territory of Eugubino


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Territory of Eugubino
Itineraries of the handicraft and the gastronomy in the territory of Gubbio

The territories of Gubbio and Gualdo are, since a long time, centre of a prestigious handicraft activity; thanks to the reached results become a real form of artistic expression: the workmanship of the ceramics. In Gualdo Tadino the workmanship of the ceramics is attested since the XII century and uninterruptedly extended up to today, is always accompanied by the exceptional mastery of the artisans whom were and still today are able to extract from the furnaces masterpieces of rare beauty. Also in Gubbio the fine art of the work of the majolica and the ceramics is very developed.

For what concerns the typical products from every part of Italy, it attracts great attention the appreciated white truffle, present in the whole territory of the Eugubino, besides the as much appreciated black truffle, protagonists of the National Exhibition of White truffle and Sour-alimentary Products held in Gubbio in autumn.  
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