Last minute The Common Picture Gallery (Pinacoteca Comunale) of Deruta 


The Common Picture Gallery (Pinacoteca Comunale) of Deruta 

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The Common Picture Gallery is located in the historical centre of Deruta, in the left wing of the Palazzo Comunale. It possesses works of great merit and elevated artistic interest.

Among the so many masterpieces, we mention for importance two representations of Niccolò Liberatore, said the Pupil, '' the Madonna of the Consuls '', and the Gonfalone Processionale, realized around halves the XV century. The '' Madonna of the Consuls '' it is in reality the part of a polypthych dismembered and sold during the 1800s. Its importance resides in the fact that is the first certain work signed by the Pupil, dated 1458.   In last century, the collection continue to enrich, acquiring a precious masterpiece of the Perugino coming from the St. Francis Church,: the '' Eternal Father, St, Rocco and St, Romano '', realized by the divin painter in the XV century.

In the superior room are exposed the works given by the collection of the famous writer and collector of the XVIII century Lione Pascoli. Is composed by Italian and international works of art of 1600s and 1700s, and includes Luigi's Garzi works, Francesco Trevisani, Pieter Van Bloemen and many others.  
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