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The Ceramics Regional Museum of Deruta

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The museum of Deruta devoted to its appreciated local production of ceramics, is located in the places of the ex St. Francis Convent, it possesses a collection of over 6000 pieces and a library containing over 1300 volumes.

The roots of the museum must be sought in the distant 1898, when Francesco Briganti had the idea to collect as much as possible material about the flourishing tradition of the workmanship of the ceramics of Deruta.

The creation of the museum was since the beginning tied to a very modern conception, being conceived as a sort of didactic classroom, that could interest the amateurs, but also artisans and potters that would have been able to appreciate this way that marvellous products, preventing the progressive exhausting of the long history of the workmanship of the majolica.

Through a lot of rooms and the many found pieces it is possible to follow the handicraft and industrial development that the workmanship of the ceramics has had during the centuries at Deruta, telling in the meantime an important moment of the life of the community.
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