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The town Costacciaro

One of the most remarkable elements of the city landscape, is the Rivellino, a mighty defensive tower, that goes back to the XV century and planned by Francesco di Giorgio Martini and wanted by the Duke of Urbino Federico II. Its particular feature is in the form that remembers a bow of a ship.

Also the Torre della Roccaccia was integral part of the city defensive system, once located on the surrounding medieval boundaries.

The Caves and the environment Carsick Mount Cucco Museum offers the possibility to see and live the caves without too many efforts. It has lots of videos, informative panels, documents, testimonies and the plastic one of the Massiccio del Monte Cucco. Besides are exposed numerous fossils and macrofossils recovered in the depths of Monte Cucco, particularly in the Cave of the Bones, ample room covered with deposits, where during the times have been recovered bony rests belonged to rhinos, bears and ibexes that resided in the zone around 20.000 years ago.

In an ancient convent of the historical centre is located the Didactic Suburb for the Environmental education, in which, through initiatives of search and documentation on the Carsick zones, is protected and valorised the environmental and naturalistic patrimony of the Mount Cucco.
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