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The Museum of the Country House of Corciano

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It is found in the full historical centre of Corciano, and it constitutes an anthropological and sociological operation of the maximum importance. It's a precious document that fixes the testimony of the country life of the recent past of Corciano, this represent well a typical situation in the most greater part of country realities of our wonderful Italy.

A whole residence has been prepared and exclusively equipped with objects belonging to the country civilization. Every thing is at its place, and inside the residence-museum is possible to perceive the colour of a world indeed that, even if recent, it is almost entirely disappeared.  
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The suburb of Corciano between the mountains and the lake - Corciano is a delicious medieval suburb, from which a splendid panorama can be enjoyed, situated in good position in the outskirts of Perugia among the hills ... The_Museum_of_the_Country_House_of_Corciano_country_houses
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