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The town Collazzone

The San Lorenzo Church is the parish church recently restored, beside which there's the native bell tower of the 1700. In its inside is guarded the "Madonna with Child", a wooden polychrome statue of the XIII century, recently restored, and now visible in all its shine.

The Church and the Franciscan Monastery of San Lorenzo deserve a really great attention. It was firstly a Benedictine monastery, then Franciscan. It was built in the centuries XIII-XIV. The tradition wants that in the convent Iacopone da Todi died the Christmas evening 1306.

In Collepepe in the place known as "Le Carceri" there is a testimony of the ancient Roman presence in the territory. It's about some cisterns, perhaps to the service of the thermal baths of a residence, or as element of the water structure of a consistent housing installation.
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