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Festivity - 6 December Piedicolle wait you. - In Historic centre of Piedicolle village there is an appointment with a Christmas Market from 10.00 a.m to 8.00 pm. ... 6 December Piedicolle wait you._1
August: Historical procession
Medieval procession in period costumes in honour of the patron saint St Lawrence.
Other events in the town of Collazzone
May: Torch-light procession - Torches of pine logs light the way that goes from the castle walls to the church Chiesa di San Fortunato.
Events_Collazzone_country_houses January: Epiphany-concert of the philharmonic society - The concert takes place every year on the 6th January in another village of the commune of Collazzone.
Events_Collazzone_hotels August: Concert - At the end of August at Collazzone is celebrated a concert for the end of summer.
Events_Collazzone_hotel December: Concert - Concert at Collazzone to celebrate Christmas.
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