Last minute The contemporary art at Cittā di Castello: Alberto Burri

Cittā di Castello

The contemporary art at Cittā di Castello: Alberto Burri

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Cittā di Castello
One of the most famous interpreters of the contemporary art is born in Cittā di Castello

Alberto Burri was born in Cittā di Castello in 1915 and begins to paint in the field of imprisonment of Hereford, in Texas, where he had been conducted by the allies in 1943. Returned in Italy he devotes completely to the art, and from the years '50s are held shows devoted to him practically all over the world: Chicago, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, Milan, Turin, Pittsburgh, San Francisco. From 1981 in Cittā di Castello on wish of the same Burri have been created two places as temples of its art, which furnish a resume of the contemporary art. It's about 257 representative works of his whole artistic path divided among Palazzo Albizzini and the buildings of the Ex Seccatoi del tabacco.  
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Cittā di Castello, the outpost of the Renaissance in Umbria - Cittā di Castello is an unique place in Umbria and there is no similar, thanks to many features that differentiate it from the main cities of the region. There ... The_contemporary_art_at_Citta_di_Castello_Alberto_Burri_country_houses
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