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Better in Tuscany than in Umbria, more like Siena than Perugia, in Città della Pieve Middle Ages and Renaissance melt in an urban structure of particular beauty

The city develops beginning from a Parish, the one of the San Gervasio and San Protasio, built in the VII century above of a hill at 508 meters high, from which the Valdichiana and the lake Trasimeno dominate. A magic landscape that remained engraved in the mind of the Perugino and that he wanted to reproduce on many his frescos. Since then few or nothing has changed. A little bit thanks to its geographical position and a little bit to its political liking, Città della Pieve modelled its own urban buildings on the example in the imperial Siena, as testifies the frequent use of the tiles, also because of perpetual quarrels with Perugia. There was then the glorious epoch of buildings that methodically rose inside the city boundaries, like the new Parish, with Gothic relieves, the Tower of Bishop, the Civic Tower, inspired to the Romanesque Lombard motives, the Palazzo dei Priori and the mighty Rocca Perugina. All of this happened in the centuries XIII and XIV. It followed a political period marked by turbulence and inner struggles, at least up to 1550, when pope Giulio III del Monte raises to governor of Città della Pieve his nephew Ascanio della Corgna. Consequently in the city arrive personality of the calibre of Galeazzo Alessi, Perugian architect, and two Tuscan painters, Salvio Salvini and Niccolò Circignani, the Pomarancio.

In 1600 great transformations happen changing then the city in Diocese and accordingly the ancient Parish becomes Collegiate. In the following period various other architectural works of Renaissance, Baroque and neo-classic taste were fused and harmonised in the characteristic medieval plant of the city, increasing notably the vitality and the charm of the city centre.
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