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Highlighted events
Festivity - CHEF FROM ITALY FOR GIROGUSTANDO - The twinning of good food have conquered the entire region.... CHEF FROM ITALY FOR GIROGUSTANDO_1
CHEF FROM ITALY FOR GIROGUSTANDO_2 Music - CAN YOU SEE ME - JIMI HENDRIX Exibition at Città della Pieve from 19 july to 3 august: see the programme... CAN YOU SEE ME_3
CAN YOU SEE ME_4 Music - Umbria trasimeno lake - Soul Christmas:Umbria Gospel Festival from 8th december to 6th january near to lake trasimeno... Umbria trasimeno lake _5
Umbria trasimeno lake _6 Music - Bianco rosso and blues - Lago Trasimeno, 23th september -4th november:meetings every saturday in the surroundings of lake trasimeno with wine and... Bianco rosso and blues_7
Bianco rosso and blues_8 Festivity - Christmas 2005 - the town of Città della Pieve is organizing the following programme:... Christmas 2005_9
Christmas 2005_10 Festivity - PALIO DEI TERZIERI - From 12 august to 21 august at città della Pieve the "Palio dei terzieri"... PALIO DEI TERZIERI _11
August: The Palio of the Inhabitants of the Quarters: The Bull Hunt
It is a recalling which is inspired by the ancient "contrasti" (fights, quarrels), very frequent incidents in medieval and Renaissance town life. Each of the three parts in which the town is divided (Borgo Dentro, Casalino and Castello), compete in a captivating competition of archery where they used targets in the form of a bull. The argument is surrounded by a series of music and theatre performances, all inspirited by the atmosphere of the Renaissance, the time when Pietro Perugino lived and worked. In the historical procession, which precedes the proper Palio more than 700 minor figures in period, costumes are involved. With the Palio dei Terzieri and La Caccia del Toro go hand in hand the decoration of the inns Taverne dei Terzieri, characteristic places where local dishes of the Umbrian and Tuscan cookery are served. The event takes place at Città della Pieve in August.
Other events in the town of Città della Pieve
December: Monumental Crib - In the Palazzo della Corgna’s basement, which is full of atmosphere the Terziere Castello (one of the three parts in which the town is divided), prepares a monumental crib with yearly varying theme in honour of Perugino’s famous fresco “The Adoration of the Three Kings''.
Events_Citta_della_Pieve_country_houses Eastern: The Living Pictures - This time it is the turn of the Terziere Borgo Dentro to organize the performance of living scenes, which represent the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. More than 40 minor figures give life to proper ''living pictures'' taken from famous paintings like ''The Last Supper'', ''Ecce Homo'', ''The flagellation'' and ''The Descent from the Cross''. The event takes place in the basement rooms of the Palazzo Orcia in the Eastern period.
Events_Citta_della_Pieve_hotels June: Infiorata of St Luigi Gonzaga - In the Via Pietro Vannucci the inhabitants of the Terziere Casalino dedicate to their protector flower decorations and designs, which are inspired by the Renaissance painting and that of Perugino.
Events_Citta_della_Pieve_hotel Period of Easter: Exhibition market for local agroindustrial and artisan products of the territory Trasimeno-Pievese-Orvietana-Valdichiana-Valdorcia -
Events_Citta_della_Pieve_bed_and_breakfast July: Trasimeno Blues - Festival of Blues music.
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