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Cerreto di Spoleto

The CEDRAV of Cerreto di Spoleto

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Cerreto di Spoleto
At Cerreto di Spoleto the CEDRAV, the Centro per la Documentazione e la Ricerca Antropologica in Valnerina e nella Dorsale Appenninica (Centre of documentation and anthropologic research in the Valnerina and the Apennine ridge) is active for more than ten years. It is an institute which occupies itself with the production of scientific material, archives containing documents, papers, photographs, sound and audiovisual evidences in order to form the preference source for any information regarding the territory of the Valnerina and the Apennine ridge.

The organization of conferences, seminars, vocational training and consulting services are part of the many activities of the CEDRAV.

A very valuable result is the realization of the Atlas of the cultural and environmental heritage, that was conceived through many different approaches and can also be looked up in the Web.

Another program where the CEDRAV at present is involved is the Ecomuseum of the Valnerina, an itinerary structured according to the model of the ''widespread museum''. The different centres will be distributed in the territory, and every single one of them will be the mouthpiece of a different cultural and environmental aspect. The thematic fields will be linked to the historic and cultural experiences and the centres will be divided in different thematic paths, like ''The ways of water'', ''The ways of hemp'' or ''The ways of devotion''.

A suchlike structure will allow to develop the consciousness in the local population of a not even far back past to come up again, instead of falling into oblivion.
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