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Cascia, an oasis in the Valnerina

The environment of the Valnerina is one of the most appreciated ones by the enthusiasts of nature and of the green, mountainous and unpolluted areas. Due to a wise recovery policy of the fluvial system and the fish fauna today the Valle del Nera is a lively place, within reach of the enthusiasts of the so called ''no-kill'' fishing, of canoe tours and of any other imaginable sports activities and games.

The Valnerina is the strip of land formed by the valley where the river Nera flows, and which follows its entire course for about 60 kilometres from Visso in the Marches to the confluence with the river Tiber close to Orte.

The Nera is certainly one of the most important and most beautiful rivers in Umbria. A great deal of its charm is brought about its wild look and the integrally preserved environment with its wonderful calcareous gorges, the fresh and clear waters, the many springs, the streams and their tributaries.

One of those is the river Corno, which flows exactly in the valley, that connects Cascia with Roccaporena, forming so an ideal extension of the environment of the Valnerina in the real sense and taking up the beauty and the charm of it.
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