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Festivity - Celebrations in Honour of S. Rita - These celebrations are held over two days.... Celebrations in Honour of S. Rita_1
May: Feast of Santa Rita
The 22nd May thousands of pilgrims from all over the world arrive at Cascia to pay homage to Santa Rita, an event with which for the number of visitors and its intensity very few similar ceremonies can compete. Two days are dedicated to the celebration which consists of several events. It starts in the evening of the 21st May, when some athletes from the twin village of Cascia bring a torch which is used to light a tripod which is situated in front of the church square of the Basilica di Santa Rita.
The next day, in the morning of the 22nd May, the historical procession takes place in which the life, the works and the wonders of Santa Rita are performed.
The festivities continue with the worldly part with concerts and the final fireworks.
Other events in the town of Cascia
January: The ''Rassegna delle Pasquarelle'' - It celebrates the antique tradition to announce Epiphany with well-wishing songs and tunes. Throughout the event groups of ''pasquarellari'' meet with their instruments on the squares of Cascia to intone their own ''pasquarella''. The whole Valnerina is represented as well as many other zones of Umbria and the neighbouring regions.
Events_Cascia_country_houses June: The Festival of the Roses and Rites - It is celebrated at Roccaporena, the birthplace of Santa Rita. The celebrations begin with opportunities for prayer and composure, followed by a Way of the Cross that goes along the streets of the old town centre of the little village.
The following day the festival continues with the blessing of the roses, the flower sacred for Santa Rita, followed by a nice tradition, that is to give a certification of participation to all women called ''Rita''.
Events_Cascia_hotels June: The Literary Prize Santa Rita - This important literary prize is assigned to those women who have succeeded in putting the values of peace, love and charity, represented by the figure, the story and the life of Santa Rita in the form of the written word.
Events_Cascia_hotel October: The exhibition market of the saffron - The exhibition market of the saffron Mostra Mercato dello Zafferano is promoted by the association Associazione dello Zafferano di Cascia - Zafferano Purissimo dell'Umbria, where the flavours, colours and scents of this costly spice are praised. The large attendance and the many stalls ensure a remarkable publicity to the event where one can taste and buy the pure saffron from Cascia Zafferano Purissimo di Cascia, one of the region's and the nation's best agroindustrial products.
In addition to the saffron the local and typical products of the territory are exposed, like the truffles, the boletus edulis (King Bolete or Cep), cheese, salami and cold pork meats, and any other kind of food, but always genuine and of high quality.
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