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This village is - besides Cascia - the other fundamental place of worship for Santa Rita, it's her birth place where it is possible to go along the tracks of an itinerary which is consecrated to sacredness.

At Roccaporena, a tiny gem set between the valleys of the Corno and of the Tissino, are concentrated many of the elements concerning the private and personal life of Rita as well as those of religiosity, most venerated by the big crowd of believers that every year go along the stages of her life.

In this place of prayer everything seems to invite to meditation and the inner retreat, welcoming everyone who goes there with simplicity and the attitude of prayer. It is one of the mystic places »par excellence« (not only in Umbria) where every stone is permeated with a sincere feeling of devotion for the life and work of Santa Rita.

In spite of the village's smallness there are many places to see. At its entrance rises the church Chiesa di Santa Rita, or rather the house that once was Rita's and turned into a chapel in 1630 due to the intervention of the cardinal Fausto Poli.

One of the most visited aims is the ''Scoglio'' of Santa Rita, a rocky pinnacle about 120 metres high, on which has been put a big mass of stone, worshipped by the believers because it bears the prints of Rita's knees, imprinted in her endless prayer sessions. One reaches the ''Scoglio'' at the end of a way of a steep flight of stairs which is marked by a Way of the Cross, and every year crowds of pilgrims go along it renewing an old tradition.

The tight bond that unites Cascia and Roccaporena, the two places that witnessed the birth and growth of Rita, is symbolically represented by the Path of Santa Rita, a pedestrian way about five kilometres long. It is a narrow way, very charming, along the right side of the valley of the Corno and skirting the course of the river Corno, that connects Cascia and Roccaporena.
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