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Niccolò di Liberatore said the Pupil, the third musketeer of the Umbrian Renaissance

In the Parish Curch of San Matteo there's a precious triptych of "Madonna in Trono che allatta il bambino e i Santi Metteo e Francesco '' (Madonna on throne feeding the child and saints Matteo and Francesco) work of Niccolò Liberatore known as the Pupil, this painter was born in Foligno in 1430 and dead in 1502. Niccolò Alunno is one of the three artists of the Umbrian Renaissance named in the "Vite" of Vasari together with the Perugino and the Pinturicchio. The Pupil conquered a proper space in the history of art both thanks for his talent, and his mystical and religious feeling that could magisterially reproduce in his works. This sincerity and expression of feelings sets him notably above the other teachers of that time. In the Church of San Giovanni Battista, can be admired an oil on temper dated 1482, which depicts "Madonna tra i Santi Giovanni Battista e Sebastiano" (Madonna between Saints Giovanni Battista and Sebastian).
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Cannara: The three places of St. Francis - Besides the gastronomic and artistic itinerary, Cannara proposes a spiritual tour composed by three places famous for the events of the life of St. Francis... Itineraries_Cannara_country_houses
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