Last minute Bevagna in the club of the ''most beautiful Italian Suburbs''


Bevagna in the club of the ''most beautiful Italian Suburbs''

Discovering Umbria

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They are few in the whole Italy, and only nine located in various zones of Umbria, but all with an only common feature: they are the '' most beautiful Italian Suburbs ''. The necessary satisfying requisite for accessing the prestigious club are various, and Bevagna possesses all of them. Few inhabitants, an excellent state of maintenance of the medieval patrimony, good quality of the life, and an intact natural environment nearly make of Bevagna one among the most exclusive representatives of this association, which purpose is to establish, to individualize, to catalogue and to preserve that pleasant places and loads of history that the Middle Ages delivered us. 
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Bevagna: the plaza of the Middle Ages - It's possible to confirm that the human being has lived in Bevagna for a long time, like the picked testimonies and the archaeological rests shows. But it's just in... Bevagna_in_the_club_of_the_most_beautiful_Italian_Suburbs_country_houses
Bevagna_in_the_club_of_the_most_beautiful_Italian_Suburbs_hotels Bevagna, on the ''Road of Sagrantino'' - Also the territory of Bevagna enter in the jewel group of the communes that can produce with good results one among the most famous wines in Italy and the foreign c... Bevagna_in_the_club_of_the_most_beautiful_Italian_Suburbs_hotel
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