Last minute Near Bastia Umbra, in Costano, the first roast pig of St.Francis

Bastia Umbra

Near Bastia Umbra, in Costano, the first roast pig of St.Francis

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Bastia Umbra
In Costano is produced the famous roast pig, the "Porchetta di Costano" (Costano's roast pig), a typical gastronomic product of the zone, whose working sinks the roots in the myth and in the legend. The tradition says that the first roast pig have been roasted to in Costano from the same St. Francis with the help of the faithful Frate Leone. The fraction of Bastia was already note in the Middle Ages for this practice, today celebrated in the prestigious Sagra della Porchetta held at the end of August every year.
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The Umbrian Fair of Bastia Umbra - Bastia Umbra distinguishes from every other surrounding country and above all from the near cities of Assisi, Spello and Perugia, for the different chara... Near_Bastia_Umbra_in_Costano_the_first_roast_pig_of_St_Francis_country_houses
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