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The Forest Fossil of Avigliano Umbro

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Avigliano Umbro
In the last decades of the '900, near Dunarobba, just in the middle of a clay quarry, were brought to the light the first trunks of what today is note as the Forest Fossil. Since then were put a series of measures directed to always guarantee one greater guardianship towards this site, for many reasons unique in the world. These are great stems of tree going back to the middle and superior pliocene, ancient of around 3 and 2 million years, when the area between the Amerini Mountains and the Martani Mountains was occupied from the lake Tiberino, a lake and marshy formation to which this name has been given. To the borders of the marsh they had to be the trees of which today we have testimony, a luxuriant forest of conifers composed by tall stems among the 20 and the 30 meters, whose species has been studied, without reaching however a decisive conclusion.

One of the peculiar features (and still partly mysterious) of the Forest Fossil is the degree and the quality of maintenance of the trunks, which don't appear petrified. The fossilization would have happened through a sort of mummification, due to the dehydration of the wood.

The whole palaeontology patrimony constituted by the Forest Fossil of Dunarobba is today an asset centre of studies, thanks to the realization of the Palaeontology Fossil Centre, which beginning from 1999-2000 endowed with classrooms study and equipped didactic and scientific runs to allow visitors and students to deepen the treated themes.
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Avigliano Umbro: a young commune aged million of years - Avigliano become town territory only beginning from 1975, thanks to the separation from Montecastrilli. It has a very ancient history, that begins around the XI... The_Forest_Fossil_of_Avigliano_Umbro_country_houses
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