Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Assisi

Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Assisi

Territory of Assisiate


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Territory of Assisiate
Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Assisi

This itinerary contains and reassumes the meaning of the territory, conjugating at best the various territorial vocations in an enormous net that unites gastronomy, art and landscape in an unique huge circuit: the Road of Wines of the Cantico. Coasting the communes, distinguished for the quality of their wines and beauty of their places, it’s possible to admire the energy and the quality of the Umbrian excellence wine products. Four communes of this district deserve a place of respect.  

It’s not possible then to mention the prestigious and illustrious onion of Cannara, a typical product known and appreciated in the whole national territory.

The spiritual dominion of Assisi spreads anywhere and conducts the traveller to Assisi, where everyone finally finds what was looking for.

Itineraries of the Landscape, Nature and Environment of the territory of Assisi   

The alternatives aren't missing even to who looks for a more narrow contact with the nature, and the immaculate paths of Mount Subasio Park which conduct to spellbound places and wonderful panoramas.
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The spiritual oasis at the shade of Mount Subasio - Every thing in this portion of Umbria seems to invite the soul to reflection and refolding. And not only Assisi, with its inestimable mystical pat... Oenological_and_gastronomic_itineraries_in_the_territory_of_Assisi_culture
Oenological_and_gastronomic_itineraries_in_the_territory_of_Assisi_country_houses Artistic and spiritual itineraries in the territory of Assisi - The itineraries to follow are thousand and thousand, and once followed all of them, it would remain other thousand to discover. It’s possible to travel o... Oenological_and_gastronomic_itineraries_in_the_territory_of_Assisi_hotels
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