Artistic and spiritual itineraries in the territory of Assisi

Artistic and spiritual itineraries in the territory of Assisi

Territory of Assisiate


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Territory of Assisiate
Artistic and spiritual itineraries in the territory of Assisi

The itineraries to follow are thousand and thousand, and once followed all of them, it would remain other thousand to discover. It’s possible to travel over the traces of the figure of St. Francis and his Order visiting the places that have seen his born, his growth, his devotion to the poor and up to death. It’s also possible to follow theFranciscan Path of Peace that brought him more times from Assisi to Gubbio, to seek calm, serenity and peace.

You can admire the artistic wonder of Assisi’s churches, particularly the Basilica, both the Superiore and the Inferiore, with the masterpieces of Giotto and Cimabue, and also of Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti. You can pass across Bettona and admire its "Madonna of Mercy" by the Perugino. There are lot of churches, some of which are true architectural jewels and important moments of the history for what concern the Romanesque and the Gothic styles.
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