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アッシジ の町からのニュース
会合及び会議 - The Letters of St Paul - Assisi (Pg). A reading of the letters of St Paul, organised by the Pro Civitate Christiana missionaries from August 18th... The Letters of St Paul_1
The Letters of St Paul_2 最新のオファー - Fe. Ba. Ceramiche - Tails - Canticle of the Creatures - Umbrian Laud by St Francis , 13th century, hand-painted.... Fe. Ba. Ceramiche - Tails_3
Fe. Ba. Ceramiche - Tails_4 レストラン - Assisi - Dal Moro Gallery Hotel - Via Becchetti, 12 S.Maria degli Angeli Assisi - 06081 Assisi (PG) Tel. 0758043688 Fax 0758041666... Assisi - Dal Moro Gallery Hotel_5
Assisi - Dal Moro Gallery Hotel_6 ホテル - Assisi - Hotel Dal Moro Gallery Hotel - Dedicated to everybody, who loves being welcomed in simple style rooms with inviting duck-down pillows and soft divan be... Assisi - Hotel Dal Moro Gallery Hotel_7
Assisi - Hotel Dal Moro Gallery Hotel_8 ホテル - Assisi - Hotel Le Grazie - In the peace and quiet,at the foot of the elect hills, where the stately and eternal town of Assisi rises, one finds the... Assisi - Hotel Le Grazie_9
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