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Festivity - From December 6th to January 6th 2009 - Assisi presents Greccio, Christmas Night 1223.... From  December 6th to January 6th 2009_1
From  December 6th to January 6th 2009_2 Festivity - Assisi January 1st 2009 - Assisi is glad to invite you at the second traditional edition concert Scrigno di Capodanno.... Assisi January 1st 2009 _3
Assisi January 1st 2009 _4 Festivity - Waiting Epiphany - January 6th Big surprise in Assisi. ... Waiting Epiphany_5
Waiting Epiphany_6 Festivity - Assisi New Year’s Eve - If you like enjoy in square the New Year’s Eve don’t lose the opportunity to stay in a suggestively and characteristic s... Assisi New Year’s Eve _7
Assisi New Year’s Eve _8 Festivity - Assisi 1st Candle Exhibtion - From 5-8 December Assisi presents the educativ and cultural event of wax candle.... Assisi 1st Candle Exhibtion_9
Assisi 1st Candle Exhibtion_10 Art - FROM BASILICA AND CENTER TO CATHEDRAL FORTRESS - Itinerary conteins a typical suggestions betweeen medieval quartiers ,wonderful monuments, art and antiques riches. Walk... FROM BASILICA AND CENTER TO  CATHEDRAL  FORTRESS_11
FROM BASILICA AND CENTER TO  CATHEDRAL  FORTRESS_12 Sport & Nature - umbria country house - From Il Maniero: This medieval castle near Assisi has kept intact all its unique characteristics:
umbria country house_14
Festivity - CALENDIMAGGIO 2009 - ASSISI - A commemoration of medieval and REnaissance life with procession, theatre, singing and music, dancing, displays given by... CALENDIMAGGIO 2009 - ASSISI_15
May: Calendimaggio
Lay feast where comes in the ancient impulse to celebrate of the people, with which traditionally is welcomed the beginning of spring, when life and nature begin to flourish again. It is the medieval recalling of the challenge between the two parts in which Assisi is divided, the upper Nobilissima Parte de Sopra and the lower Magnifica Parte de Sotto. The performances last three days, during which take place ceremonies like the Consegna delle Chiavi (the delivery of the keys), that is the symbolic and temporary handing over from the Mayor to the Maestro de Campo, the election of Madonna Spring, the realistic evocation of Medieval Scenes, the reading of the Notice of the Challenge, the performance of the Day Procession and the Evening Procession, the Singing Challenge, to come to the Verdict. For three days Assisi turns into a festive, colourful and attracting medieval village, where the past is lived joyfully as the most present day.
Other events in the town of Assisi
June: Infiorate in Assisi - In the fraction Petrignano and in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli on the Corpus Christi Day are designed delicate and fragrant flower decorations.
Events_Assisi_country_houses July: Cambio Festival 2006 - At Palazzo di Assisi the success of the Festival Musicale and its medieval frame has become firmly established, an event that plays an important role in the creative act of the artists that participate at what appears to be a research with an exactly defined aim: the total integration of arts and the ideal conditions for its enjoyment.
Events_Assisi_hotels August: Feast of St Clare - Medieval commemoration of the patron saint of television, Santa Clare, during which take place several historical and religious feasts and performances.
Events_Assisi_hotel August: Palio San Rufino - It takes place at the end of August and consists in a crossbow shooting competition, in which the representatives of the quarters San Rufino, Dive Marie and San Francesco compete for the precious Palio and the title of the best crossbowman. In the days of the Palio, the games are accompanied by exhibitions, banquettes and every kind of Renaissance performances.
Events_Assisi_bed_and_breakfast September: Assisi Festival - International Peace Festival, during which take place exhibitions, workshops, conferences and concerts.
Events_Assisi_handicraft October: Feast of St Francis - Celebrations in honour of St FrancisPatron saint of Italy, with liturgical ceremonies and popular feasts with singing and dancing.
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