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In 1182 Francis was born and as a new sun makes of Assisi the East of the world. This way Dante fixes in the XI song of the Heaven the coordinates to understand better the course of the event. The explosion of the Franciscan movement from its birth has never suffered neither arrests nor decelerations, but as a carsick river has veined the earth of its message, without never exhausting its course. Francis of Assisi pronounces simple words, as simple is his truth, and he is immediately understood, followed and beloved. But it also completes some gestures as the repudiation of the wealth and the choice to live in the poverty. It's the year 1206, when Francis abandons the world and strips himself of every thing, also of the clothes that he wears, scandalizing the Father and the bishop of Assisi. You withdraws to the eremitical life, but he had too many things to do and say. After two years his preaching begins. The greatness of its message is immediately understood and since immediately a fed group of followers choose to live as Francis, in complete poverty spreading the Gospel. But his words and the group are propagated too quickly becoming a movement. The movement becomes Order, approved by the pope Innocenzo III. The traditional existing rules were not enough to contain its intentions, so he words a personal own rule, the one not stamped of 1221, and then that of 1223, finally stamped by the new pope Onorio III. His life was too much intense full of trips in Europe, in Africa and in the East, made of poverty. Too much were his evil and sufferings that brought him to the death in 1226. Two years later he was already a saint.  
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