Naturalistic itineraries in the territory of Amerino

Naturalistic itineraries in the territory of Amerino

Territory of Amerino


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Territory of Amerino
Naturalistic itineraries in the territory of Amerino

There are various and extended protected areas, inside which it is possible to visit entire natural ecosystems, marvellously protected and preserved. The example of this is the Naturalistic Oasis of Alviano, risen around the dike which blocks the course of the Tiber River, creating an artificial lake that hosts from the beginning the years '60 a great variety of permanent and migratory birds. The oasis is managed by the WWF and it allows trips and excursions introducing numerous itineraries carefully signalled and good points of sighting for the fans of birdwatching.

Another extraordinary place of interest near Avigliano is the Fossil Forest of Dunarobba, a series of enormous stems of tree placed in the middle of one clay quarry dated around 2 or 3 million of years ago. In origin they had to be tall from twenty up to thirty meters, today they have the aspect of mummified trunks. Their particularity resides in the fact that they haven’t suffered a process of petrifaction, but at the opposite only a process of dehydration which happened when withdrew the lake Tiberino, which occupied the inclusive zone between the Martani mountains and the Amerini mountains.
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