Historical-artistic itineraries in the territory of Amelia

Historical-artistic itineraries in the territory of Amelia

Territory of Amerino


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Territory of Amerino
Historical-artistic itineraries in the territory of Amelia

The city of Amelia is a place rich in historical testimonies, beginning from the Megalithic Walls, a solid document made of enormous overlapped blocks dated the VIII-VII centuries B.C.

Still in Amelia there’s the great complex of the Roman Cistern, which was a sequence of ten containers that regulated and to guaranteed a constant water restocking to the city.

Near Lugnano in Teverina, an ancient village near the borders of the Lazio, it’s possible to admire a precious triptych, work of Niccolò di Liberatore, known as the Pupil, preserved in the apse of the Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta.

The beauty of this district steys however in the general effect given by the visit of the whole territory, a continuous alternate of hills, valleys and mountains, and suggestive panoramas alternated from small castled suburbs each of which have proper characteristics and charm. All of them are to visit and every deviation reserves surprises and never banal images. 
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