Last Minute Amelia: The Palio of the Columbiums


Amelia: The Palio of the Columbiums

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The Palio dei Colombi is the historical commemoration of a real medieval tournament. It takes place in August, when the five neighbourhoods of Amelia, Collis, Crux Burgi, Posterola, Platea and Vallis, challenge in an exciting and suggestive defiance by the ancient taste. Every quarter bring its own rider, which, in saddle to its steed, will have to centre with the lance a target at the end of a run of around 100 meters. After this phase it's the time of the arbalester, that will also strike the centre of a curve outline connected to a cage. If he will be sufficiently precise, the hit will allow the cage to open, freeing in flight the closed columbiums. The Palio is wined by the region that will get the most greater number of hits centring the respective targets.
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The city of Amelia - Ancient and mysterious city, Amelia possesses a secret charm that cannot escape the tourist. It was founded in 1134 B.C. becoming soon an important centre, as show the imp... Amelia_The_Palio_of_the_Columbiums_country_houses
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