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The Naturalistic oasis of Alviano

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The oasis takes shape to Alviano, beginning from the end of the years '60, when the dike on the Tiber river contributed to the creation of the lake that today recalls various and variegated kinds of volatile, above all migratory. Beginning from then numerous initiatives directed to preserve the new ecosystem, have guaranteed to the oasis to flourish becoming in Umbria one of the most visited and appreciated places.

There are lots of solutions for lovers of the nature. From birdwatching to the environmental itineraries, up to the open-roof classroom that allow the visitors to participate in the activities of the oasis.

The numerous turrets displaced along the paths allow to lie integrating themselves with the natural environment and to wait the desired sighting. Through two long itineraries you can enjoy the show of the swamp in its beauty, where equipped areas allow the suitable comfort.

The quantity of birds that is possible to sight, depends directly from the season and from the period of the visit.

The ecosystem hosts a greater number of species during the spring migrations, when in the swamp of Alviano its' possible to see spatulas, silt-birds and a whole great biodiversity of birds refreshing before continuing their trip toward the centre and the north of Europe. But also in the rest of the year there are a lot of surprises, where besides the wild ducks and the coots, it's possible to meet whole flocks of volatile greedy of the plants that spontaneously grow in the swamp.
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Alviano, the oasis and the Fortress - Alviano is a nice suburb of medieval origin, castled on a hill to watch the valley of the Tiber. Typical element of its landscape is certainly its Fortres... The_Naturalistic_oasis_of_Alviano_country_houses
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