Territory of Alta Valle del Tevere

Alta Valle del Tevere

Territory of Alta Valle del Tevere

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The high Valley of Tiber River between Middle Ages and Renaissance
The extreme north strip of Umbria appears as a border zone, repeatedly crossed by cultural and artistic influences that have determined its particular development in comparison to the neighbouring realities and Umbria in generally. The same conformation of the territory made of Cittā di Castello a territory in which the appeals of the Renaissance could take form and become a whole of true greatness. Squares, roads, gardens and the variegated forms of thousand bell towers, increase the charm of that never ending surprising landscape, involving all the tourists in its itineraries rich in suggestions.
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Historical itineraries in the territory of Cittā di Castello - The epoch of greater shine of Cittā di Castello corresponds to the dominion of the Vitelli, a family who from the beginning of second halves of the XV century ga... Alta_Valle_del_Tevere_offers
Alta_Valle_del_Tevere_culture Artistic itineraries in the territory of Cittā di Castello - Shows, collections, but also frescos and paintings of this portion of Umbria have an elevated artistic importance. Departing from Cittā di Castello, it is necess... Alta_Valle_del_Tevere_country_houses
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