Last Minute Allerona friend of Heart, a ''Cardio-protected'' city


Allerona friend of Heart, a ''Cardio-protected'' city

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Allerona hosts the project Cardio-protected City, an initiative botrn to furnish a net of timely and capillary help to who is struck by cardiac arrest. It's an event that quickly conducts to the death and it reaps in Italy over 50.000 victims every year. The quickness of the intervention have fundamental importance, since every single minute that passes drastically decrease the possibilities of surviving, and too often a ready help is not even enough. The project have the aim to endow the cities of a suitable quantity of defibrillators disseminated in the public places, training to their use as more citizens as possible, for making instant help. This would guarantee the reduction to the minimum the mortality in the cases of cardiac arrest.

At Allerona and Allerona Scalo there are available three defibrillators and more than fifty voluntary citizens enrolled in cardiopulmonary reanimation, prepared to intervene in case of necessity. The realisation of the project is the best ways for the collaboration between health and community, making the citizens active part and responsible of the public health.
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Allerona, a vacation among the nature - Allerona is a splendid suburb, placed in panoramic position behind a hill and surrounded by an abundant and rich vegetation. The territory was already lived also in ... Allerona_friend_of_Heart_a_Cardio_protected_city_country_houses
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