Last Minute Federico Cesi and the academy of the Lincei of Acquasparta 


Federico Cesi and the academy of the Lincei of Acquasparta 

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The presence of the family Cesi at Acquasparta coincides with the period of its maximum shine, symbolically represented from the marvellous Cesi Palace, a Renaissance building wanted by the cardinal Federico Cesi in 1564. The history of the Lincei Academy crosses Acquasparta's thanks to the personality of Federico Cesi, who was born in Rome in 1585 and died at Acquasparta in 1630. The Academy of the Lincei was founded in Rome thanks to him, in August of 1603, together with the companions Anastasio De Filiis, Francesco Stelluti and Johannes van Heeck, reunited in the Palazzo della maschera d'oro (palace of golden mask), of his family ownership. Very soon the centre is transferred in that Cesi Palace, in Acquasparta, where everything seemed to be serene and fit for continuing the intellectual activity.

The aim of the academy has always been to investigate the nature and the human knowledge in its each part without limitations or sort of prejudices, but above all, without dogmatisms. The only one authority is the search, and the only method is the experiment and the science, to finally free the culture from the bridles that had forced it in an insuperable impasse. This formulation made to approach the academy a character of the calibre of Galileo Galilei, who aged 47, in 1611, becomes its member. In 1624 he will be at Acquasparta for one month, guest of Federico in his prestigious building, between splendid frescos and pictorial decorations.
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